Internationally exhibited un-fine art photographer Ian Allaway looking for the unusual in the usual and the usual in the unusual.
Adherent of the Absurdist school of thought and creator of the un-fine movement in the visual arts, allegedly.

Also infamously known as The Headcleaner across various media outlets in recent years to encourage the process and application of head-cleaning through visual stimulation.

Exhibitions in art cafes and other illegal establishments across Europe for many years including outbreaks of digitality with video and photography which led to VJ'ing under the name of Captain Psycho and other pseudonyms in the early stages of the digital age.
Most of the early work has been lost due to the absurdity of life and its impact on material (film negatives) and immaterial (relationships) phenomena.
The search for perfect imperfection continues...
Recent exhibitions:
Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh -2012
Spaced Pola, NYC - 2013
ddaFactory, Cagliari, Sardinia - 2014
Delicate Portraits of Sensitive Souls - Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh - 2015
Human Sexuality and Psychology Through the Eyes of an Alien - Miolo Galeria, Ponta Delgada, Portugal - 2016
Tinderness - Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh - 2017
Loneliness - Argyle House, Edinburgh - 2017

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